World Health Institute

Become a First Aid Instructor

Authorized Providers

World Health Institute works with a limited number of staff instructors. Instead, most of our instructors are independent business owners referred to as Authorized Providers (APs). We work with those Authorized Providers to ensure they are able to operate successfully. It is the soul responsibility of APs to find clients, book classes, negotiate prices and obtain payment. Prospective APs do not need to have former experience in teaching or public speaking, but it is helpful. In addition, APs must be currently certified in First Aid as well as Adult and Pediatric CPR with AED. If you are not currently certified, please click here to find an upcoming class. For more information on becoming an AP, please complete the form below.

Staff Instructors

World Health Institute has hired Authorized Providers as Staff Instructors. These instructors work for World Health Institute to provide classes to our Clients as well as to train new Authorized Providers. We are not currently accepting applications for new staff instructors.